Information Assurance & Security

If you have any questions about our company or our services, please contact us at +1 (717) 891-6720. I3PG, LLC provides consulting and engineering expertise to commercial and government enterprises

Helping Our Clients

I3PG, LLC is an SBA HUBZone-certified enterprise with impressive capability in the information assurance and cyber security sector. One of our primary goals is helping our clients prepare for and respond to advanced cyber security threats. As part of our core information assurance and security offerings, I3PG strives to provide an innovative approach to your company’s security needs based on accurate information system/vulnerability analysis, trendsetting engineering, and vulnerability assessments – utilizing the Risk Management Framework (RMF).

Security Audits

Utilizing proven, industry best practices and mission/infrastructure risk assessments, I3PG can provide accurate testing of your current systems, applications, and network architecture. Once we have determined the appropriate level of security to protect your mission/enterprise, I3PG will provide practical recommendations and mitigations for increasing your security posture and mission survivability to ensure your continued success.



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