Technical Vulnerability Assessment

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Vulnerability Assessments

I3PG has performed cybersecurity and Mission vulnerability assessments for various clients throughout the DHS, DoD, and industrial base communities over the years — identifying, and prioritizing vulnerabilities of individual systems, legacy systems, and operational/enterprise architectures – and provides an operational impact (why it’s important) along with specific mitigations for each identified vulnerability. With the proper assessment reacting to threats to its environment are effective. We service both commercial and government organizations of any size who face cyber vulnerabilities. Our process gives a complete picture of assets, security flaws, overall mission/operational risk, as well as mitigations to deter/prevent attacks and/or maintain mission survivability during and after attacks occur.

Best Practice

Technical vulnerability assessment are an effective foundation for establishing and fixing enterprise policies. Security audits identify gaps between policy and how things actually work. A key priority is to find and address any weakness in the system before an entity has the opportunity to exploit those weaknesses. I3PG will take the necessary steps (e.g. gap analysis) to identify and understand risks, resolve them and map the information risk management framework (RMF) results against your organization’s operations (e.g. Acquisition Lifecycle).



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